Human Risks Enters the Health&Safety Arena

Risk management disciplines are converging so from next week you will be able to report and manage both Security and Health&Safety incidents on our platform and mobile app!

Health&Safety incident reporting

Health&Safety incident reporting

We want to help organisations have an updated overview, which is why reporting of incidents and near misses is crucial to effective mitigation.

Next week we launch our first version of an independent Health&Safety Incident Reporting Module - the picture above shows how you can pinpoint the location of an injury.


A shout out to all the security professionals that are attending the ASIS Europe 2019 conference in Rotterdam. Stop by F6 and get a demo of the brand new version of Human Risks.

If you are responsible for managing security across multiple sites - this is the tool you should be looking at.

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Online security risk management platform with auto-generated risk assessments that makes management and documentation of compliance a walk in the park. Manage risks, control measures, recurring tasks, report internal incidents and stay updated on global events with our live data feed.

Hope to see you there!

The New Platform is Live!

Our platform has been updated to meet the challenges of new technologies!

Our system has been optimised for vast quantities of data and statistical analysis preparing us for exploiting machine learning and AI to improve the platform’s capabilities.

The platform’s look & feel has also been updated and is now easier than ever to navigate and use. Optimised for tablets the full suite of features can be used when on the go!


Never Be the Smartest Person In the Room!

To keep evolving be around people smarter than yourself! That is why I am happy & proud to present a board of advisors that include people with impressive skill sets and experiences very different from ours. On top of that they are all just really good people!

The board will help Human Risks scale our offerings based on the experiences we have drawn over the past three years.

Dear Brian, Nick, Tommy, Daniel and Joe - thank you for being on our Advisory Board. I look forward to what seems to become a fantastic 2019!

Read more about the advisory board here.

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I didn't Invent the Wheel...

…But I am suggesting security professionals replace spreadsheets with a better way - I've been the caveman to the right for too long.

When managing security risks three things are important:

  1. Keep it simple – and help your organisation understand the “why” through involvement

  2. Link risks to mitigating measures. Keep it simple and scalable, and

  3. Put effort into implementing those measures. This is where you add value and reduce risk

We are trying to give security professionals an updated overview across multiple sites and allow you to involve the organisation (back to the “why”) by delegating and measuring on the implementation of measures in one single platform. If you are curious about how we do that please contact us for a demo at or send me a message.

Lucky for us, not all say “No thanks!” One of our customers - a major player in the food industry with sites in most parts of the world – said this about Human Risks in a recent interview:

» Human Risks enables us to decentralise the security risk management process, which helps us empower local management to take ownership. It increases the effect of what we are doing and reduces our costs substantially.

Sometimes it feels like being a caveman suggesting his peers try something new…

Sometimes it feels like being a caveman suggesting his peers try something new…