Feature news from Human Risks!

We have been busy at Human Risks during the summer preparing a handful of new features that I'm quite excited to share with you - here's just a few...



Templates - Turn your mitigating measures into templates that can be distributed and managed across your organisation. Mitigations are automatically suggested to counter relevant threats in your risk assessments and you can manage implementation by assigning responsibility and setting deadlines. If you need inspiration on security measures you can download best practice security policies, procedures and guidelines from our growing library.


Audits - Add recurring controls to your mitigating measures that automatically generate audits and notify the responsible when it is time to complete them (e.g. the yearly evacuation drill, monthly perimeter inspection, maintenance tasks etc.). This feature gives you a visual overview of all audits, remarks & follow-ups and whether they are "on schedule" or have exceeded their deadline.


Incident Reports - We've done a re-design of our incident reports front page that allows you to pull statistics on global security incidents from our constantly updated data feed from the experienced analysts at Riskline and your organisation's internal incident reports

I'll follow up with individual posts on each feature and share some thoughts on why they are important when managing security risks...

Oh - and I nearly forgot the app - It'll allow you to complete audits on the go from a phone or tablet and will hit the app stores in a few months... I'll keep you posted!