Our new dashboard gives you a comprehensive overview!

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 13.18.27.png
  • Risk assessments that automatically match threats with mitigating measures.

  • Distribute your (white labelled) mitigating measures across your organisation containing text, files and videos.

  • Manage all recurring tasks (training, inspections, reviews etc.) providing you with a complete audit trail.

  • A report module that allows your organisation to report any incidents and gives you a visual overview.

  • An external data feed that keeps you updated in real-time on global events.

  • A mobile app to manages audits and report incidents - integrated with device’s GPS and camera.

  • A best-in-class cloud security and two-factor authentication.

And now a dashboard that ties it all together:

  • Upcoming and exceeded deadlines.

  • Efficiency in implementing mitigating measures.

  • High-level risks that are not mitigated.

  • Recent security incidents in the vicinity of your facilities.

If you are managing security risks this tool gives you a live overview of the entire process, is easy to use, and affordable to acquire. Our clients are all from the top tier of their industries and have in common that they needed a tool to help them take a risk-based approach to decision making, get a clear overview of their risks and measures, and reduce costs.

Does it come in your company’s colours? Yes, of course. A white label solution is part of the package.