As terror threats grow in complexity organizations need to continuously revise their security analysis and measures

Findings from Europol’s recently-released 2019 EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report underline the continuing need for organizations to keep their responsibility as employers at the forefront.


Typically, duty of care is mostly discussed in the context of employee travel, but we believe it needs to be a larger part of all security conversations as organizations improve and revise their current mitigation measures. The threat from terrorist attacks in the EU remains high, as perpetrators have shifted focus away from conflict zones. The most disturbing finding of the report is that terrorist capabilities seem to have grown to include the use of CBRN weapons.


While the total number of attacks (foiled, failed and completed) has dropped from 2017 to 2018, the increased complexity of the threat, the growth in right-wing terrorism and the shifting power balance between Islamic State and Al-Qaeda demands attention. To combat these future threats organizations need to conduct continuous intelligence analyses and revise current mitigation measures to ensure the safety of all employees and assets.

You can read the full report here