Need a Site Security Review App?


We are launching a site security review app in September and have available seats for co-funders who in return for feedback get a more tailored product and a very reasonable price.

The app allows you to define minimum security requirements and the user can then create a review and map a site's level of compliance.

The co-funder offer is open until 1st July and ensures you product development meetings before and after the launch.

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Threat identification based on facts

Our integrated database of global security alerts country risk summaries and risk levels helps you identify and assess relevant threats for your risk assessments on the Human Risks platform.

We believe that threat identification and assessment should be based on facts.

As an example - there are 83 conflict & terrorism related incidents with a risk level rated "medium" & "high" in Kenya from 2015 to today. All incidents rated "high" happened within the past 3 months.

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Security risk management in spreadsheets? Not anymore! New times require new tools.

Human Risks' online security risk management platform enables your organization to identify and assess threats, manage the implementation of mitigating actions and setting up recurring audits that automatically notifies the responsible.

Our feed of global security incidents ensures that threat identification and assessment is done on facts and will keep you updated only on selected incident types matching your assessments.

As we like to say: Total Overview - Always Updated!

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ASIS Europe - Security Risk Management Conference

Human Risks were present at the ASIS 2017 Europe Conference, where we had a stand, talked about the future of risks management and served a local Danish brew of schnapps. Visitors could also win a 6 month subscription to our platform including 2 online training sessions!

The ASIS Europe 2017 was a fantastic experience! We are now following up on the 30+ security professionals from all around the world - from Pakistan to Venezuela - who were interested in a presentation and a free trial to Human Risks.

Our intern Yuki made this great video that sums up our trip to Milan! Check it out below:

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Always updated

Security risk assessments must be continually updated as organizations today face increasingly dynamic and diverse threats. The yearly review of a word document doesn't cut it anymore!

In addition to enabling your team to assess threats, our assessments also allow you to identify, manage and analyze the cost-efficiency of mitigations and set up recurring audits that automatically remind the responsible.

A data feed of global security incidents and country risk summaries ensure that threat identification happens on updated facts directly in your assessment. It even keeps you updated only on selected types of future incidents!

As we like to say: Total Overview - Always Updated!

Why Human Risks?

Human Risks was founded on Mads' experiences when deployed in Afghanistan's Helmand Province, working as a Security Adviser for the Foreign Office and later in the private sector.  

Mads found it challenging to establish and maintain an updated overview and involve stakeholders using only Microsoft Word & Excel. He set out to solve this by creating an online platform that later was called Human Risks.

An overview of the risk landscape will enable you as a risk manager to support the organization in reaching its objectives and potentially set even more ambitious goals. We want to help you cut through the clutter, replace out-dated formats and give you an updated overview.

Human Risks: Total Overview – Always Updated!