Make company standards easy to follow and implement with Human Risks

Human Risks makes it easy for companies to put their security risk management policies and procedures into action with:

  • Standard templates

  • Rating definitions

  • Automatically suggested threats and treatments

  • Implementation tools

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How successful is your organization at having data-driven security conversations?

Security management questions may seem straightforward, but quickly and accurately responding to them often involves a lot of behind-the-scenes manual data gathering, processing and analyzing.

Organizations are dealing with more security data than ever before, which can easily overwhelm these manual processes and make it even harder to use data to drive security risk management decisions. A more streamlined approach using cloud-based management platforms would actually enable your organization to make the most of the growing amount of data, perform quicker analyses and provide a more immediate and accurate overview.

What’s holding your organization back from taking a more data-driven approach to its security risk management?

Security risk management and data management