Cloud-based solutions are delivering growth and improved security

This week we’ve been reading McAfee’s latest research report on the benefits businesses have derived from using cloud-based solutions.

We were excited to see the results showing that cloud infrastructure is leagues ahead of on-premise performance!

The survey covered 1000+ enterprises in 11 countries from March to May this year and found that the vast majority of companies (87%) experienced a form of business acceleration from growth, productivity gains and time to market improvements. In fact 41% experienced a direct link between business growth and their use of cloud services.

What stuck out most to us were the security improvements that many businesses experienced. Microsoft and other cloud hosting providers are investing heavily in security, often significantly more than the businesses they serve. We see a clear benefit for companies to leverage these services and take advantage of this enhanced security, especially to address growing cybersecurity threats. Indeed, 52% of the businesses surveyed experienced improved security, 44% had improved collaboration and 57% reduced IT spending by using cloud-based services!


You can read the full report here 

Image Courtesy of McAfee

Image Courtesy of McAfee