Compliance is increasingly resource-intensive, how is your security team increasing compliance efficiency?

There are a growing number of regulations, guidelines, frameworks and expectations that organizations must comply with. The costs of non-compliance, both financial and reputational, are also getting higher.

Given the significant time security teams are already spending on managing compliance, increasing compliance efficiency is becoming ever more urgent. Many teams are turning to technological solutions to help them get clearer oversight of their programs and processes, particularly as they seek to leverage compliance as a continuous improvement tool, rather than merely as a requirement.

How is your team increasing its compliance efficiency?

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Do you have a systematic way to protect your company from surprises?

A high number of organizations have experienced an operational surprise in the past 5 years.

As a result, executive managers have placed a priority on identifying risks early, before they grow into problems. How are you meeting this challenge given the complexities of managing multiple sites, assets and activities?

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With Human Risks you are always updated. Our platform enables Security Managers to:

  • See a total overview of risk incidents and assessments across the business

  • Quickly report (and respond to) incidents using the mobile and desktop apps

  • Integrate external risk incident data feeds