Taking an integrated view of assessing political risk

A recent article in Risk Management magazine focusing on using insurance to mitigate political risk prompted a conversation about the growing complexity of risks in our modern age.

(you can read the article here)

When assessing risks and their potential impact on your organization you have to address them from an integrated and holistic viewpoint. For political risks it is correct that instability, trade wars and barriers can potentially have an enormous financial impact, and insurance might be a good way to mitigate that uncertainty.

But looking more broadly, the potential impact of political risks on the safety of your employees and suppliers is not only financial but also reputational. This is because political risks can strike at the heart of your organization’s moral obligation to provide safe environments for the people it is responsible for.

Your organization might suffer economically, but we all know that the reputational damage can be irreparable if an organization does not live up to its moral obligations. Modern communications ensure a high level of transparency and global opinion that has to be taken seriously.

These challenges are not something you can mitigate with insurance, and there are several examples of companies that have never fully recovered after a reputational setback. 

The complexity of risks is growing as our world is even more interconnected and transparent, which is why integrating the way you evaluate risks and mitigation is more important than ever.

Is your risk management robust enough to be included in strategic planning?

Senior executives don’t see their organizations’ current risk management approaches as mature, and there are concerns about the quality of risk reporting.

This contributes to the strong perception that risk management doesn’t add strategic value. Given that the general view is that the number and complexity of risks on the horizon are growing, how is your organization addressing this, and how is your security risk management team supporting strategy development and planning?

Risk Management and Strategic Planning

With Human Risks you have all the information you need at your fingertips. Our platform enables Security Managers to:

  • Recommend mitigation measures for potential threats

  • Give an overview of current and residual risk levels

  • Understand the risk profiles of new and potential locations using external data feeds

Do you have a systematic way to protect your company from surprises?

A high number of organizations have experienced an operational surprise in the past 5 years.

As a result, executive managers have placed a priority on identifying risks early, before they grow into problems. How are you meeting this challenge given the complexities of managing multiple sites, assets and activities?

Early Risk Detection.png

With Human Risks you are always updated. Our platform enables Security Managers to:

  • See a total overview of risk incidents and assessments across the business

  • Quickly report (and respond to) incidents using the mobile and desktop apps

  • Integrate external risk incident data feeds

Extra Extra - Read All About It!

This month’s International Security Journal focuses on “Critical Event Management” and interviewed me about how managing security risks can help prevent a critical event and prepare an organization to manage it and come out on the other side (psst - it’s on page 36…). Download the article here

Article about Human Risks in this month’s  International Security Journal

Article about Human Risks in this month’s International Security Journal

Human Risks Enters the Health & Safety Arena

Risk management disciplines are converging so from next week you will be able to report and manage both Security and Health & Safety incidents on our platform and mobile app!

Health&Safety incident reporting

Health&Safety incident reporting

We want to help organizations have an updated overview, which is why reporting of incidents and near misses is crucial to effective mitigation.

Next week we launch our first version of an independent Health&Safety Incident Reporting Module - the picture above shows how you can pinpoint the location of an injury.


A shout out to all the security professionals that are attending the ASIS Europe 2019 conference in Rotterdam. Stop by F6 and get a demo of the brand new version of Human Risks.

If you are responsible for managing security across multiple sites - this is the tool you should be looking at.

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Online security risk management platform with auto-generated risk assessments that makes management and documentation of compliance a walk in the park. Manage risks, control measures, recurring tasks, report internal incidents and stay updated on global events with our live data feed.

Hope to see you there!

The New Platform is Live!

Our platform has been updated to meet the challenges of new technologies!

Our system has been optimised for vast quantities of data and statistical analysis preparing us for exploiting machine learning and AI to improve the platform’s capabilities.

The platform’s look & feel has also been updated and is now easier than ever to navigate and use. Optimized for tablets the full suite of features can be used when on the go!


Human Risks at the ASIS Rotterdam Conference 2019

Human Risks will be exhibiting at this year's ASIS Europe Conference! We will be showing the latest version of our security risk management platform at our stand #F6 and @Mads Pærregaard will be giving a talk on Thursday, 15.50 at the "Innovation Track" about what the buzzwords of new technology is really all about and what it means to the security industry. Come see us! 

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