Audit changes and follow-up history

Audit changes

We updated the audit generation algorithm to better handle overdue audits. From now on, 10 incomplete audits will be available to complete regardless of the number of overdue audits not completed. To ensure a greater overview, we also updated the audit details page with a new column displaying all overdue audits as seen below.


We have simplified the process of changing the frequency on an audit. The frequency can now be changed by clicking the frequency button on the audit details page as seen below.


Follow-up history

Your follow-ups are no longer deleted upon completion. When completing a follow-up, a modal will appear on the page, allowing the responsible to fill in a conclusion field. Information about a follow-up now includes:

  • When a follow-up is created by the user
  • When a follow-up is completed by a manager/administrator
  • Who created and completed the follow-up
  • Remarks and conclusion

The new follow-up history is a separate page and can be accessed by clicking the follow-up history button below the follow-ups column on the audits page. You can sort by divisions and search by responsible names and titles of an audit.