Threat templates and suggestions

Threat templates

We are introducing a new way to automate our Risk Assessment, Threat and Treatments flow. Threat templates enable the user to create a set of templates matching a Risk Assessment's asset type. Templates are shared throughout the organisation - in the same way as treatment templates.

To create a new threat template, head over to the organisation pane on the platform. In the upper left corner click the new Threat Template button and you will be navigated to a new page as seen below.


Threat suggestions

The Risk Assessment page is updated with a new button at the bottom of the Threats panel. Clicking the button will open a modal with all the Threat templates matching the Risk Assessment's asset type. Select all threats that apply and click create. When the operation is done your Risk Assessment page will refresh and your new Threats are visible.


Other notable changes

  • Treatment savings is now shown on the dashboard
  • A heatmap overlay is now available on the incident reports page
  • Data shown on the dashboard now relates to the chosen divisions (costs, treatments)
  • Select multiple divisions when filtering data across the platform
  • New asset type (Event)
  • New threat type (Crime & Corruption –> Theft)