Shared threat and treatment templates

Shared templates

We have expanded on the Threat and Treatment templates. If you are in the administrator role two new panels will be available on the dashboard. The panels will show all Threat and Treatment templates available from the Human Risks library. 

All of these templates can be imported into an organization for later use in Risk Assessments. All templates marked with a blue backdrop has been added within the last 30 days.

Select all wanted templates and click the "import" button, a dialog will appear for you to confirm. This operation can take a couple of seconds - you will be redirected when finished.

All the panels has been equipped with a question mark in the upper right-hand corner. Hover the icon for a more in-depth explanation.


Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 15.13.09.png

We also updated the existing templates with a new look and functionality. You can now see a preview of any Threat and Treatment templates by clicking the 'show' button.

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 15.13.20.png

Other notable changes

  • Users in the manager role can now invite other managers to the platform
  • The division list on the audits page is now ordered by name
  • We're testing a new way to render heavily formatted description fields which sometimes could override the styling of some components on the platform