Weekly changes


  • The conclusion field in the follow-up completion modal is now required
  • The follow-up checkbox now enables and disables the remarks field when completing audits
  • Divisions and search now works in Internet Explorer 11 on both the audit and the follow-up history page


  • The comments field in threat templates now can now be edited

Risk Assessments

  • All Threat and Treatment templates are now selected by default
  • The map component should now properly show when creating Risk Assessments
  • The Risk Assessment overview page now displays a map with markers representing all assessments


  • We have updated the organization page layout in preperation for an upcoming feature. You can now search in the division and template tables.
  • Managers can now create and edit divisions
  • When creating a division, the manager or administrator is automatically added to the division
  • User create and details page updated with a new layout