After years of experience with security risk management in the Armed Forces, The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the private sector Mads Pærregaard founded Human Risks in 2015.

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vision & Mission - or just the why?

"Human Risks wants to make professional risk management smarter and available to all"

We enable organisations to reach their objectives and strive even higher through accessible, simple and automated risk management. 

We do this by guiding the users through the risk management process; identifying and assessing threats based on updated facts, providing products to mitigate risks and automated functionalities to make processes more efficient - all available in an online and scalable platform.

Why risk management?

Why even bother? 

Managing risks is not about the risk itself. It is about removing potential barriers and finding opportunities for your organisation's success.

If you are interested in some of the positive effects of having a structured approach to managing risks you should read this blog post.

The platform in short

Human Risks is a comprehensive online security risk manager.

Our platform allows you to identify, assess and mitigate threats based on information from experienced professionals and trusted data sources. And all delivered as a scalable web based solution, where you can interact and segment the information by filtering and searching.

Our platform enables organisations to reach their objectives collaboratively, handle risks and save resources. This is done by exploiting automated processes and live data, giving a clear overview and transparency - not just for the risk management department, but for the any employees with the appropriate permissions.