Our customers represent various industries from global sports events over retail to logistics & production companies.

They all have multiple assets to manage and face the challenges of an ever changing risk landscape and a need to prioritise, stay updated & optimise the effect of the available resources.

This is what they have to say about using Human Risks:

» Human Risks enables us to decentralise the security risk management process, which helps us empower local management to take ownership. It increases the effect of what we are doing and reduces our costs substantially.
» With Human Risks it has become very easy for us to visualise our risk appetite compared to the level of risk. It helps us communicate the priority of existing and new mitigating measures to both local and corporate management.
» Human Risks enables us in a very simple way to assess if a given security level is acceptable or if it should be either up- or downgraded.
» We have been able to document substantial cost reductions across our sites by using Human Risks to assess and adjust the level security with an updated level of risk.
» The platform supports our business case on a standardised security concept and has provided us with documentation of a substantial cost reduction that has allowed us to roll out our security strategy across the entire organisation.
» With Human Risks we have been able to document compliance with customer requirements related to our level of security and audits. It has been simple to use and saves us significant time in the process.
» Human Risks is by far the best risk management tool I have seen on the market. It allows non-security professionals to work with security risk management on a professional level.
» Our organisation does not have dedicated security staff on each location. But Human Risks has enabled us to work with security in a professional manner with the available resources.
» Human Risks as an organisation is extremely customer focused. The team is very dedicated, customer centric and we can feel that they are truly committed to making a difference.