digitize your security risk management

Human Risks has integrated and automated features that allow you to manage the entire security risk management process, quickly disseminate information, delegate responsibility and stay always updated.





Create a risk assessment with just a few clicks

Recommendation engine automatically suggests which threats should be included based on asset characteristics

Library of templates to choose from, or create your own

Quickly distribute company policy and standards through templates and rating definitions

Financial overview from assigning potential costs to threats

mitigation measures


Recommendation engine automatically suggests mitigation measures to match threats

Define company standard measures to ensure assets are compliant with all requirements

Add deadlines to make managing implementation easier

Assign responsibility to the right person

Implementation dashboard shows you upcoming tasks and where to focus

incident reporting


Keep track of all internal security incidents on both desktop and the mobile app

Subscribe to incident reports and subscribe others to get notified instantly

Engage stakeholders in comments within the report to discuss how to handle the incident and resume business-as-usual

Integrate external incident reporting from third party data sources to stay updated on current events and threats

monitoring and audit


Quickly create ongoing management tasks such as inspections, controls or reviews

Delegate tasks to responsible employees

Mobile app lets you complete tasks on the go

Notifications and the weekly email report keep you updated on progress

Complete audit trail as every action is logged and saved



Templates provided to make risk assessment, threat assessment and measure details consistent

Scale your organization’s security policies by creating your own templates and ratings

Dashboards allow you to quickly communicate key data

Messaging and comments let you keep track of relevant conversations

more features