The App

Organise all recurring tasks e.g. inspections, maintenance, spot checks or training sessions that have to be completed and logged.

Create a control, select frequency (e.g. daily, monthly or whatever you see fit) and a series of individual tasks (which we have named audits) are created. 

The app can be used as an integrated part of our security risk management platform or as a stand-alone feature.


Create a control and a series of recurring audits are published and can be managed from the audit dashboard.

The dashboard gives you a total overview of all controls, exceeded deadlines and follow-ups:


The employee responsible for completing the audits is automatically notified either on email, SMS or in-app notifications.

If a deadline is exceeded the responsible manager is notified immediately and it is highlighted both in the app and on the dashboard.


When completing an audit a "follow-up" can be added if something is not right.

The app is integrated with your device's camera and GPS, allowing you to add photos and location to the audit(s):