What is human risks?

This is what one of our customers says:

"Human Risks is the most efficient way to manage the entire Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) process from security risk assessments to incident response”

Head of Global Security from one of the world’s largest food production companies.

We enable our customers to reduce cost, save time and ensure painless compliance while maintaining a full and updated overview that allows them to manage the entire ESRM process from behind their desk or on the go.

Total overview of all sites and their level of risk and implementation of mitigating measures….

Are you responsible for managing security across multiple physical sites? Look no further - Human Risks gives you a complete, integrated and automated overview of everything from assessments, mitigating measures and internal audits to incident reports.

Our platform is simple, easy to use and priced at a fraction of available risk management systems. Our prices start at $ 21 per day.

Securely hosted on European Microsoft Azure servers in The Netherlands with a redundant back-up in Ireland - state of the art IT security compliant with the most rigorous cybersecurity requirements. Read more about our IT Security here.

Why Use Human Risks?

We have been there ourselves. Struggling with spreadsheets and emails to get an overview and manage security risks and mitigating measures. With the Human Risks platform you can automate the entire process and get a complete overview, which will save you money and time and enable you to report on current data to senior management using our visual tools.


…being able to create a risk assessment with just a few clicks that automatically suggests which pre-defined threats and company standard mitigating measures it should include.

Then, you being able to set deadlines, delegate the responsibility of implementation and be notified if something goes wrong during the process.

Finally, you being able show the level of compliance with any standard (internal or external) which is simple and painless with the platform’s reporting features and dashboard.

Integrated Incident Reporting

Our platform includes an incident report module that allows your organisation to capture any security related incidents via desktop or mobile app. The platform also integrates with external data feeds.

This feature allows you to stay updated on global and organisational incidents as you see fit. Let us know and we will be happy to see how we can integrate your vendor’s data feed.

Incident Management

Our software features an integrated chat functionality so that anyone who inputs data into the system can talk to you or each other directly in case they have any questions or when you need to manage incidents, which will also give you a complete audit trail of the incident response process. The data is, of course, highly secured with real-time encryption and does not leave the platform

Everbody Wants To Be In Security…

…until it is time to do perform security tasks like running the evacuation drill, doing a perimeter fence inspection or a spot check of the cybersecurity level. But the key to managing risk is the constant following up and improvement of mitigating measures.

We make tedious time consuming management of recurring tasks extremely simple and provide you with a complete log of deadlines, deviations and corrective actions.


Our mobile app (iOS and Android) and responsive platform enable you to manage the entire security process on the go. So even when you are away from the office you are still in the loop and on top of things ready to report to senior management or follow up on incidents as they happen.

Below you can read what our customs say about us, sign up for an online demo or simply just reach out if you have any questions.

You are always welcome to contact our Founder and CEO Mads Paerregaard, mp@humanrisks.com.

Our customers say

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